Food Freedom Begins with You- Take simple steps

Food Freedom Begins with You- Take simple steps


I love this quote especially when applied to food and our food issues. We all have sensitivities when it comes to food; whether it be textures, sugar, salt, to grainy or crunchy, to fattening or healthy etc.. If you are around children like I am, you know they change with the wind and when you think you have their preferences nailed down, they throw a curveball. I love my nephews so much yet they are the pickiest eaters I have ever been challenged with cooking for. I always feel like I am on the “Chopped Challenge” where I have limited ingredients to work with and I got to make something amazing. I truly respect all the work it takes to get kids to eat a balanced diet. It’s hard.

I stopped to consider this a bit more in depth and I so appreciate the free spirit exploration of their palate and trying different things out, however frozen chicken nuggets with loads of ketchup still rule the house in their eyes.   I always tell parents I work with, that this too shall pass and not to become the short order cook because it limits their growth with regards to food. Kids as you know, are learning from us all the time and they can become little food adventurers if you are consistent with introducing new items and letting them get in the kitchen with you.


The beautiful kids in my life, remind me that simple is sometimes better and if I get “chef fancy”, they get weary and whiny. It keeps me humble but it is a very good lesson for us adults. Kids speak their mind, you know where you stand.  Let’s get simple. Health and Wellness does not have to be this complicated thing, it could simply be changing those easy things first then tackling the bigger things. New Year’s Resolutions could just be New Goals. Take out the pressure and just break it down to bite sized goals.

Self Motivation- Be Your Own Coach

What helped me the most, was to make a list of things I needed to personally tackle… My list looked a bit like this: eat this not that, drink this not that, and feel this not that. Very very simple. I use self motivational tactics which work well for me.  An example, if I want to lose 50 pounds, what are some immediate things I can change to make that goal attainable? When you are about to go “auto piloting” in the fridge or in the office break room when that doughnut is calling your name, think about how you will feel so proud of yourself not having those unplanned calories. Think about how over the course of three months, how those good decisions will reflect on your waistline.


Think about one area you want to change and make a mini step list under it. I would start with only three areas that you want to change and then write steps under each with time frames then when you complete those move on to others.

i.e. AREA= Coffee Intake

If you want to stop drinking a pot of coffee each day because your blood pressure is off the charts

  • Start making 8 cups as opposed to 12
  • then reduce to 4 over course of 3 months
  • Or you could  sit down and enjoy that first strong cup of coffee doing something that gives you joy and when you have cravings for more coffee later figure out why? is it tired and not getting enough sleep, boredom, are you using it as a replacement for meals? etc… usually getting to the bottom of why really helps to address the other factors that might be contributing to the bad habit. Anything worth doing, starts with hard work and introspection. It starts with simple steps toward change not with a snap of fingers to have that habit gone.

Build  A Support System

I was at the gym today and as I looked around was in awe of the varied ages, races, and focus each person had. I learned something today, about my growth, I no longer sit there and compare every “body” to mine. I am content with where I sit and know I am a complete work in progress and so is everyone else. We are all there with the common goal of getting healthy and building healthy habits. It was very inspiring to have not one, but two 70 year old ladies on the ellipticals next to me, hustling. I noticed that they would cheer each other on as they walked by showing a universal “thumbs-up” and silently saying way to go! I loved that and was so taken with all the love, my workout flew by. A support system can be a community of people known and unknown with a unified goal. Boy was it powerful.


We are all on the journey, make it a good one

Chef Joy