Happy Holidays- Let This Year Be Bright

Happy Holidays- Let This Year Be Bright

This concludes my Holiday Food Blog series; I hope you have enjoyed it. I know I have enjoyed sharing some chef insights with you this season to help you stay sane as it can be a very busy time. We spoke about not living in a box, grocery shopping tips, meal prep solutions and willpower strategies during this season of treats. I want to wish you a delicious and happy holiday with those you love.

Today, I want to discuss some of the benefits of cooking and how you become empowered through the process of cooking. Looking forward to the new year, I want to encourage you to explore the kitchen with me as I take you on a detailed tour.

Did you know that cooking relieves mental and physical stress because it engages your mental focus and physical body in fluid and repetitive actions needed to cut, chop, stir and knead.


  • Time for internal processing while you might gain insight into your behavior
  • Learning about social skills/cues
  • Increased awareness about health and nutrition
  • Improved communication skills
  • Stress management
  • Time management
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Brain development through using the senses and remapping brain synopsis

 Improving the Senses:

  • Cooking engages all 5 senses.
  • Sensory awareness is increased through physically touching ingredients, inhaling scents associated with cooking, tasting, and visually experiencing the food. This allows for peace and deeper breathing throughout the body.

 Improve Social Skills:

  • It’s a relaxing activity.
  • It connects with a person’s heart and provides a freedom for them to open up emotionally while connecting to their feelings as they cook.
  • It can improve your relationships because you naturally let guard down and increase the ability to communicate in order to prepare a dish in companionship working side by side.

Improves Body:

  • Recipes contribute to your nutritional health and well being using fresh ingredients.
  • Muscle coordination is improved though honing knife skills and learning how to navigate the kitchen.
  • Lifting heavy product or equipment can increase strength and motor skills.

HAHAHA. Love this pic. Join me next month as I take a detailed look at our FOOD RELATIONSHIPS. “Making Peace with Food Blog Series” to jump start our 2018.

Food is Love, Get Cooking.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Chef Joy