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Gourmet Kitchen Club

Did you know?

The average American spends $1500 a year on fast food

$2016 on Starbucks/Year (for one drink a day)

$9600/ year on Wholefoods/prepared food

Considering these statistics, and being an entrepreneur myself, I know how challenging cooking and eating healthy meals while you work is and I wanted to encourage cooking healthy food in the comfort of your home by creating a video series designed for the Entrepreneur called the The Gourmet Kitchen Club.

Chef Joy Welcomes You

Welcome to the Spice Gal Gourmet  online cooking series for the “Gourmet Kitchen Club” which is a gathering around my kitchen table talking all things food and should roll out in 2018. In this series, I will be providing cooking demos, cheat sheets, guides, shopping lists, recipes and tips for success.

The Why

As a chefpreneur myself, I know how hard it is to balance working out and eating well with the pressure of time being money and when you give to yourself you might feel like you’re losing elsewhere. However, I’d like to challenge you to feed yourself first and all the rest will work much more efficiently.


I wanted to feed the entrepreneurs and teach them that working from home or in the car or on the plane, subway or train is all about balance and health.  I wanted to do the research and use my skills as a chef to provide you with insight into cooking made easy and just for you as you conquer the world.

The Who

I am just a girl who loves to cook and feed people delicious healthy food. Since I was 3, I feel in love with the power of food. Food gives us life in a way that breaks down all the barriers of the psyche to its purest basic form. Food is a primal need for survival.  I am a chef who loves to explore life through the eyes of food. I am the chef who hates boundaries or borders and feels like food is how I share my unique perspective to the world. I like creating dishes that taste like your best day or memory and reminds you that you are in fact alive and it’s ok to play with your food.


The Gourmet Kitchen club is a subscription service tailored for busy entrepreneurs that have special food needs working an average of 80 hours/week building a business. I want to empower you with food knowledge you can use in one place that fits into your busy on the go life. You can watch at your convenience. I will be providing simple weekly meal plans with foods that keep your energy and focus up. Easy step by step cooking tutorials with ingredients you have on hand, kitchen design, pantry storage, and sanitation. Invest in yourself by giving the gift of joy. I will be rolling out by Fall of 2017. You won’t want to miss this sweet deal for under $20/ month. Please drop a line here so I can shout out when it’s ready and include you in the exciting updates and samples.

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