What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas-Right?

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas-Right?






















I wear many hats in my business as an Entrepreneur that I am sure many of you relate to. We are problem solvers, go-getters, risk takers and creatives.  We do not think it is someone “else’s job” when we see a problem that needs fixing, a better way to do something or a path that needs to be carved; rather WE are the ones who make things possible. As a Private Chef, there are some great perks to my job, like travel. Currently, I am in Las Vegas, Nevada, the place of fine dining, major shopping, entertainment and gambling. This is my first trip here to cook amazing food for an amazing family and as a chef,  I am very excited about the fine dine opportunities available to me at every corner where I can learn and grow.

It is also the place to visit where you are free to let all your “inhibitions go” and live like you have never lived before and no one has to know who you really are.  I realized, that very belief system is where we get stuck.  This idea that we need to escape and let go and eat without thought, spend money we don’t have, drink more than we should with this idea that our lives are like a prison where we exist. I am not bad mouthing Vegas, I am using it as an illustration with regards to our food relationships. I think it is important to be alive and conscious through our life and move through with intention, not numbing out.

There have been moments in my life where I have adopted this very motto… through a challenging marriage where no one knew of my pain then the trauma of a heartbreaking divorce, to the identity crisis I suffered over a good 12 years where I damaged my food relationship using food as a drug to cope with all the losses. I cannot tell you how many times I moved or changed jobs, where I drifted through this fog of depression. During this time, I gained 110 pounds and became a person I no longer recognized and hated, to losing 118 pounds in 6 months as a fine dine chef on the Riverwalk. Then slowly regaining 50. Now on a personal mission of health and wholeness to lose 50 pounds the right way while still creating beautiful food that feeds my soul but not my waistline. Just wanting to be transparent here to why I am speaking to food addiction, food abuse, repairing food relationships, cooking healthy food, changing habits, being real and having a passion to help others succeed. My 30 years of culinary experience is every bit valuable but is shaped through my personal struggle. At the end of my day, my motivation is to HELP OTHERS LEARN HOW TO USE FOOD FOR GOOD. Food is a very beautiful and healing thing.






















This is a very personal blog, unlike my previous ones because I am on the cusp of discovering losing weight can be a fun adventure and that life is really what we make it, not a prison of deprivation. I want you to be on the adventure with me. We can adopt that Vegas motto or we can choose to own our stuff and work through our issues and relearn how to eat, cook and be well while enjoying the journey. I think when you are on a mission to lose 50 pounds, what stays in Vegas just promotes gorging and secret eating. There are so many delicious places to eat and I think you should enjoy but not without a plan. The beauty of fine dine is there are really healthy foods and fresh ingredients going into every bite. That alone is a huge improvement to processed and prepackaged foods. You can do anything you set your mind to! If a chef who is working with food a billion hours a week is losing weight, so can you. I will share my insights with you here.

Food Relationship 101

  1. Plan the what and where you will eat the night before
  2. Make that a fun discovery and enjoy it
  3. Do not beat yourself up every second of everyday, life is way too short
  4. Changing food habits is a process not perfection
  5. Make only one change a week toward to your ultimate food / weight loss goal
  6. Don’t blame food
  7. Focus on the positive changes your are making not the scale
  8. Educate yourself on food chemistry and how body uses it to battle with your cravings
  9. Love yourself through this process

Food is Love,

Chef Joy